Value of a BDR Solution

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February 7, 2013
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March 19, 2013

Value of a BDR Solution

Value of a BDR Solution

datasafePullin Cloud Technologies President Jason Pullin advise, educate and guide business owners through technology, especially when it comes to the differences between BDR and backups. Here’s the scoop.

Pullin defined backups as creating an exact copy of your data, that can be recreated. His own personal preference is for an automated backup process to a cloud service. BDR, on the other hand, is much more. The difference is you will be able to run your business from this solution, not only will you create a copy of your data but also a copy of the system, files and folders. From a well managed BDR solution from Pullin Cloud Technologies, a business owner can sleep well knowing they have a great plan in hand.

Financial Pain Equation

When a potential business owners becomes confused, Pullin knows it’s time to provide an education by guiding them through the technology. Education comes by discussing the affect on the business of losing their IT, and most often how this affects their financial bottom line. When it effect their bottom line, it becomes unacceptable to be without this IT system. Business owners minds change when we show them this simple equation: company revenue + wage bill x downtime hours. This shows how much money the business loses during a company’s downtime. That equals to “Financial Pain.”

Pullin knows that many business owners buy BDR solutions on price instead of concidering the value of being able to continue to operate, even after an emergency. Too many business owners associate price with BDR. They do this because they have not tackled the root cause. Buying on price alone is wrong. Pullin focus’ on the outcome not the price tag by showing how a good BDR is a business need and less of a cost.”

Matching Business Needs

Nonetheless, Pullin knows all business’ are different, and we design their BDR solutions to suit each business unique situation. The correct solution is one that fits the client. It’s not always the case that every situation will require the same technology. Pullin Cloud Technologies is very flexible with a range of solutions to suit.

No matter which BDR solution you choose, make sure that it outperforms any natural disasters. It is one thing to buy a BDR solution or a Backup service but what will you do when a firestorm hits or Hurricane Sandy occurs? Our clients have called us before their insurance company. You best be sure that the BDR solution you have chosen will perform. Test it out and test it again, and again, to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. If you haven’t checked this prior to an disastrous event you best have a good offsite updated paper records. Excuses will not be an option when a BDR solution is required and your data is lost forever.

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