Data Protection

Significantly Improved Data Recovery and Backup

Lost files, documents and computer downtime due to user error and corrupted disk drives are a regular occurrence and are a significant, typically hidden cost in any business. Even though your business may think its data is backed up on tape, this is often time not the case. In addition, restores from tape can take an inordinate amount of time and often the restore simply fails, directly impacting your business.In many cases users will be told the data is not recoverable resulting in time wasted recreating documents. In worse case scenarios the loss of an important database or server can completely stop most company’s productivity or have staff idle for hours on end.

Pullin Cloud BURR will ensure that a copy of vital data can be recovered quickly and easily on demand.


Improve and Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

evacuation-routeIT staff are an expensive, often scarce resource. Their time could be better spent on more productive projects instead of mundane, repetitive tasks such as rotating backup tapes, organizing offsite collections and performing time consuming restores. Ask any member of an IT team how much time they really spend on trying to restore data each week and you may be surprised.

Data Protection / Peace of Mind / Business Impact

hipaa-compliantTighter legislation and the fact that data is now recognized as a valuable asset in any business, means Company Directors have a personal and legal responsibility to protect it. Pullin Cloud BURR ensures compliancy as any potential business risk is effectively managed and controlled. (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA in the USA).

Cost Effectiveness

We are confident that given some very basic information about current data volumes, estimated growth and current backup and recovery processes, we can demonstrate conclusively that Pullin Cloud BURR will save your customer money over a three year period. We can also provide a detailed cost analysis comparing Pullin Cloud BURR to whatever tape-based process is currently in place.