Cloud and Dedicated Storage

Cloud and Dedicated Storage

  • Tiered Storage – High Performance SSD, Premium SAS , Enterprise SAS
  • Optional AES-256 Encryption of stored data
  • Local and remote (2nd site) backup options, Optional HA & CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

Storage Service

Pullin employs a state-of-the art storage architecture designed to yield extremely high performance at reasonable cost. Our storage solutions are targeted at enterprise workloads employing 10 gigabit Ethernet connectivity to each storage array and a high performance multi-level caching architecture that caches frequently used data in ram and solid state disk.

Our solutions scale to handle the most demanding applications such as database access, business analytics and real time data mining. Security of stored data is also of great concern, and our platforms provide the most secure storage available with enterprise-controlled encryption of each storage volume.

An essential element of any storage architecture is availability and backup. Pullin storage solutions employ multiple levels of high availability ranging from RAID protection of physical drives to fully redundant, high availability storage nodes with real-time replication and hitless failover. This enables our customers to select the level of availability and performance required for each application.

Tiered Storage Solutions:

  • High Performance SSD – SAS 6gb/s Solid State Drives with RAID, optional Redundant HA
  • Premium – SAS 6gb/s 15k rpm Drives with RAID, optional Redundant HA
  • Enterprise Standard – SAS 6gb/s Standard Drives with RAID, optional Redundant HA

Connectivity Options:

  • iSCSI 1gb/s and 10 gb/s
  • FC 1gb/s, 4gb/s, 8gb/s
  • FCoE 10gb/s
  • NFS & CIFS Network Attached
  • Data Protection & Backup Options:
  • Time Based Snapshots –
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Local & 2nd Site Replication
  • VM level Backups – Local and 2nd Site